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A large amount of material exists concerning the history of North High School.  The majority of this information, however, is about the earlier school buildings.  There is hardly anything out there about North’s current building, which was built in 1973.  This website will focus on North’s current location as it has a story that has yet to be told.  This site has developed out of a desire to represent North’s more recent history as there is less material on the topic and changing demographics and diversity make it necessary for the history to be shared.

Note on Videos
Some videos on this site will not play on MPS computers because of our blocking software. I will make them available to MPS next week. They play fine elsewhere and are of excellent quality.  Jessica and Emma are very interested in your response to their site. Please email one of them if you can. Addresses below. ( C. Entinger, Web Facilitator)

The goal of this website is for future students to pick up where we left off and continue our work and add more to the site.  We hope that it will become part of technology or history classes at North and that teachers can use it as a learning tool in their classes.  By allowing other students at North to continue this project, we feel that they will feel a greater connection to their school and its past and that that will further a sense of pride in the school.

About the Creators
This website was created as part of a class project in the Public History course at the University of Minnesota by Jessica Hobson and Emma Zoch in fall 2008.  Other groups in our course worked on various projects relating to North Minneapolis in general, such as demographics, changes in architecture, the Plymouth "Riots" and a bike tour.

We would like to thank Ellen Stewert, Cal Entinger, George Roberts, Alicia Volante, David Sylvestre, Sarah Johnson, Brian Tochterman, Andy Wilhide, Jim Freund, Kevin Murphy, the North High Alumni Association, Minneapolis Public Library, and the Minnesota Historical Society for their input, guidance, time, and research assistance.