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North in the Community
The school has not always been called North Community High School.  The "Community" part was added with the building of the current location.  Adding to the name was not an accident.  This is a reflection of both the intention and the actualization of giving the Northside neighborhood a place where everyone could come together.  Many high schools do not feel a connection to their community and people will leave their home town as soon as possible.  This does not seem to be the case at North.  The North High Alumni Association is the largest of its kind in the country, and interviews show that they feel close to the Northside community.  The involvement in the community might have added to the concept of "Polar Identity" discussed in another section, but the action of what students have done outside of the building to aid the community is what is important.  This section is about how students of North have educated themselves outside the walls of the insitution and how their legacy has affected the Northside community itself.