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North Pre-1973
North High, 1890s, first building [North High Alumni Association]

Although North High School is currently located at 1500 James Ave., it has not always been here.  The current building is the fourth building North has been housed in since its foundation in 1888.  It was founded at the request of the community, and it was the first high school located outside of downtown Minneapolis.  The Northside community felt that they needed to have a high school that would be located in the neighborhood and allow the students

North High, 1902, second building [Minnesota Historical Society]
a place to grow near their homes and friends.  The first building quickly became too small for the growing student population and was replaced by the second building in 1896. 

In 1913, the second building burned down.  The damage was so extensive that what remained of the building had to be torn down.  The remains were removed and the third building was built in the same location.  This building housed North High until 1973, when
North High, 1915, third building [Minnesota Historical Society]
the school moved to a new building and a new location a few blocks away.  Throughout the third building's nearly 60 year history, a number of renovations were completed on it.  By the 1960s, however, it was decided that it the building was no longer up to numerous codes, and so a decision was made to move to a new building. 

North's current football field is located where the third and second buildings once stood.