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Polar Identity

North High is not just a building that students and faculty have to get to every day, battling harsh Minnesota snows to do so.  North High began its illustrious career as a high school for the community, and it remains so today.  In our interviews and research about North, we began to realize that there is a force connecting everyone together.  The Northside, as a unique community, allows the school to become a center for communication and pride.  The community is an important part to developing their identity with the school, but it is the pull from the experiences at the school that keep the students and faculty coming back

for more.  People we talked to have a strong connection to the school, and there is something that pulls people to identify with the school as a source of pride.  Interviewees have named this concept "Polar Identity."

As North has defined itself as a place where people in the community can come, the school has always encouraged their students to come back to their school with a sense of pride.  This is most evident through the lyrics of the school song:


We're loyal to you--North Side High

We'll wear
white and blue--North Side High

We'll back you to stand

'Gainst the best in the land

For we know you will stand, North Side High


So follow that ball, North Side High

Go crashing ahead, North Side High

Our team is our famed protector

On team, for we expect a victory from you--North Side High

Come on and raise that flag to which we'll be true

Come on and fight for North, we're fighting for you

To you we pledge our hearts and hands

To dear old North Side High.