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Positive Publicity

A lot of positive news stories have come out of North ranging from frequent recognition about our students, to our staff, and to our unique programs.


North is well known for being a hotbed for athletic success, with many state championships won in the school's history.  Basketball and football are strong points in the school's athletic record and could be a reason why a number of students choose to enroll at North.  Such positive publicity from athletics improves how people in the Twin Cities area view North and makes students feel good about themselves as well.  According to past teacher Cal Entinger, this may be why students have such pride in themselves and the school's sports teams: students get excited about accomplishments and good press.  This can fuel the teams' success, acting in a circular fashion: teams do well, students get excited and support the teams more, and the athletes feed off this support and continue to do well.

Academics and Extra-Curriculars

Good press is not just limited to athletic successes.  Many North students have received mention in local papers for academic and extra-curricular successes as well.  A group of students worked on a project redesigning  Plymouth Avenue.  They drafted blueprints for a revitalization of Lovell Square; the plans included community gardens, cul-de-sacs, tree-lined walkways, and new basketball and tennis courts.  The goal of the project was to improve what already existed in the area.  The Star Tribune published a front-page article on this project, and the students felt a lot of pride in the recognition they received. 

Also, another group of students worked together to develop a solarboat.  With this project, the students won a number of competitions and got much attention from media about their project.  It was even used in a public service advertisement sponsored by Xcel Energy over winter break one year.  Cal Entinger sums up what such recognition does for students very well:

For students to see their names in the paper is a very special moment, you know, it doesn't happen to a lot of folks.  It happens to sports people quite a bit and maybe that's why they have the excitement they do, but I feel that if I can get society to recognize that if students are doing important things, it benefits everybody.  And the news media has got a place to play there.

Watch Cal's interview: