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Recent Controversy

In the past few years, there has been criticism by a City Council member, stating that North should be burnt down and that they should start over again.  This is in reference to the low graduation rate as compared to the other schools of the area.  In the past few years, there has been a lot of discussion on whether or not to close North down.  However, throughout our research here, we have come to understand that not many people who belong to the Polar community share this view of the school.

Previous North High Principal Mike Favor and past principal Ellen Stewart discussed a lot of new policies in their time here.  As both are alumni of North High, they were able to understand the school from a unique perspective.   Some of the proposed changes were school uniforms and year-round schooling.  While this policy has yet to take place, it has changed North for the better.  Cal Entinger says that on the outside North has "downsized", but that it's been "rightsized".  Because Minneapolis students have the choice to choose their school, the enrollment dropped after these decisions were made public.

North has made a change to Small Learning Communities, which allow students to study in small classroom settings and get more one-on-one interaction with teachers.  They allow specialized study, along with the Magnet schools.  The Magnet schools also put North High on the map in terms of innovative educational opportunities.

Sarah Johnson states her opinion perfectly about what she thinks about the controversy of closing North down:

North is not closing.  No matter what...If North closes, Edison, Henry, Roosevelt, Washburn, those are all going to close.  So that's one thing I like.  No, it's not going to close.  Not while I'm here.