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Here is an index of sorts to all of the resources we've used in creating "A History of North High School".


Cal Entinger, former teacher.
Jim Freund, Class of 1979.
Sarah Johnson, Class of 2011.
George Roberts, former teacher, 1974-2001.


North High Alumni Association group:

Minnesota Historical Society archives.

Print Resources:

Michael Kurleander and Jon T. Yun, "Measuring School Racial Composition and Student Outcomes in a Multiracial Society."  American Journal of Education, February 2007, pp. 213-242.

Patrick F. Ryan, "A Case Study in the Cultural Origins of a Superpower: Liberal Individualism, American Nationalism, and the Rise of High School Life, A Study of Cleveland's Central and East Technical High Schools, 1890-1918."  History of Education Quarterly, vol. 45, no. 1, pp. 66-95.

North High's Polaris newspaper, issues from 1969 to 1971.

Star Tribune articles from the Minneapolis Public Library archive collection relating to North High School.


Cal Entinger - North as family
 Cal Entinger - Plymouth Avenue

Cal Entinger - Solarboat

Cal Entinger - Small Learning Community

Jim Freund - Diversity

Jim Freund - Polar Identity

Sarah Johnson - Diversity

Sarah Johnson - Polar Identity

Sarah Johnson - Summatech

George Roberts - The decision to move

George Roberts - Magnet schools

George Roberts - North as a cultural center

George Roberts - Polar Identity

George Roberts - Reasons to return