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Returning to North

The Polar Identity and strong sense of pride in their school that students have doesn't just leave when they graduate: a number of North alumni have returned to teach or work in other positions at North.  Among these individuals are former North Principal Michael Favor (Class of 1984 and principal 2004-2007), and Principal Ellen Stewert (Class of 1985, 2007-2010).  Both Cal Entinger and George Roberts attribute the returning of former students to North to the feeling of family that many have felt while they were students here.

George explains that many that attended North felt a sense of respect and family here.  He describes how the football players under a particular coach in the 1980s were instilled with a sense of responsibility towards their school; these boys were often the ones to step in and break up fights, acting in a sense like big brothers.  They and everybody else at the school knew that there was a certain line of respect you didn't cross, and that this line was not something that needed to be explained. 

This became a type of respectful love that people in the school had for one another, and it was this kind of love and respect that many pursued when they returned to the school.  Others also felt that this was a place where they were successful, and they returned to the school to get that feeling again.  As North was also a place that others outside the community did not see in a good light, it became easier for alumni to pick this school to teach at: young teachers would get the last pick of schools to teach at, and since those that had not gone to North would pass it over due to its reputation, alumni would be able to pick it as their school.

According to George:

There is another group of people that are returning to the North area.  According to Cal, many alumni return, not only to teach, but to live in the neighborhood and raise their children here because they want to be back with their "relatives" in the area, either real relatives or friends.  They discovered a sense of family while they were here for school and desire to have that again.  It is not uncommon for teachers to teach the children and even grandchildren of former students.

In Cal's own words: