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What is Polar Identity?
Polars in the Yearbook, 1979
The Polars have gone beyond just school spirit and have kept their connection to the school long after graduation.  This identity does not exclude teachers and faculty.  The identity as a member of the Polar family is both powerful and confusing.  What is Polar Identity?  There may never be a concrete definition, but the concept is there.  It is the reason that people from all over the country, as former students, have written e-mails and wanted to be involved with this project.  It is the reason that North High currently has seven alumni working as deans and even principals.  These people feel drawn to assert their relationship with North and feel proud to be a Polar.

There are other places throughout the North website that tell you why you should be a Polar.  Whether it's the academic programs or the successful sports teams that keep students enrolled, it is the spirit that draws them back.  Outreach into a close-knit community is what happens during school hours, but it's after graduation and after-hours where the Polar Identity really begins to develop.  This is not to say that current North students can't feel a Polar Identity, since they are also being pulled to this building through friends and family. 

School Spirit

Patrick F. Ryan, in

Cheerleaders at North in 1979
a case study on a Ohio high school during the turn of the 19th Century,  explored the idea of school spirit and what it meant to a community.  At this time, school clubs and sports teams were beginning to emerge.  Ryan discovered that through his research that school spirit "aligned against particularistic ethnic or religious communities and traditional paternalism in favor of American nationalism and middle-class professional leadership.”  North High can be identified with this statement due to its strong multiculturalistic approach to its image.  Students join  Small Learning Communities and those traditional barriers between race, ethnicities, and religion fall apart as education becomes more important.  That way, students are able to work better, faster, and more efficiently than if they were concerned with rivalries and ancient feuds.

Polar Identity

It is the feeling of pride in North Community High School developed by a person's time at the school.  Oftentimes, the time one spends at the school has an impact on decisions for the future.  Polar Identity creates a pull from all over the country to be a part of this North High unit.  Polar Identity is defined by a sense of belonging in the community, but more specifically with the school itself.