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Ms. Bell- 9th Grade African American History/Human Geography
Engaging scholars in a dialogue about African American History

Hello All,


My name is Courtney Bell and I am the proud 9th grade social studies teacher at North High School. I currently teach both African American History as well as Human Geography. I am proud to say that I am a graduate of North High School's class of 2007. I am a firm believer that any student can become proficient in any subject, if their education is customized to their ability set. It is my belief that a teacher holds the sole duty of developing a relationship with each of his or her students, and learning the ways in which each student learns best. Once a teacher has learned the basis of learning style, exceptionalities, strengths and areas of opportunity for each student, it is then their responsibility to create a mastery curriculum to feed the needs of the student. Too often are students in urban settings failed due to a perceived inability to meet outlined standards. As an alumnus of Minneapolis Public Schools, I know that this perception is inaccurate, and can be overcome. Through the use of customized pedagogy, culturally relevant delivery and mastery learning procedures, students in urban settings can excel and overcome educational barriers. It is my goal to thoroughly educate and liberate those who are underserved, underprivileged and overlooked. I am elated that I am able to live out my pedagogical philsophy at my alma mater North High School. I see project based learning as a foundational necessity to keep scholars learning and teaching. In my Human Geography course scholars have had the opportunity to develop a recycling program for the school, and also participate in the World Savvy competition. In African American history scholars are given the opportunity to develop and teach history lessons to their classmates, as well as to create public service announcements surrounding African American History. The above listed educational experiences are but a decimal of the opportunities that scholars in my courses participate in. I believe that if you meet the child where they are and lift them beyond their potential, that there are no forseeable limits. 

" There is in this world no such forces as the force of a person determined to rise."

-W.E.B DuBois 

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