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Clare Dickey

North Academy Fine Arts Department

Theatre Director and Instructor

Ten years before arriving at North, a certain former teacher of mine said to me "You my friend are a visionary. A brilliant individual. A genius." I thought he was crazy. Yet, those kind words have since carried me forward into an artform that has given me purpose, clarity, and a voice in the world. This gift that keeps on giving is what I intend to bring to students at North. In Theatre, we work on the development of the whole person. Not only do we promote individual creativity, but also the social aspects of a collaborating in a rehearsal space. We explore directing, acting, writing, and design, and we produce original work inspired by student perspectives. Each day I am shocked by at least one Polar's creative intelligence and the power of each unique voice that exists within these walls. I feel truly blessed to be working with such honest, passionate students.

A little bit about me - I grew up in Minneapolis and graduated with a B.A. in Theatre from St. Olaf College. Currently, I am working on a Masters Degree in English at the University of St. Thomas. In 2007, the same year I graduated from high school, I moved to New York City and worked for AmeriCorps in East New York, Brooklyn... Ain't no party like a NY party cause' a NY party don't stop! I love to read all kinds of books, but especially old dusty ones that smell like they've been read over and over again. My favorite food is peanut butter and I can name all the presidents in order. I am also a pretty good waterskiier. 

Go Polars!

PDF Performance Theatre Syllabus   --  A guide to understanding the theatre curriculum, class expectations, and grading policy.