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Element Project Documents

Students will create a project that describes the behaviors of the elements.


Children’s Storybook (Illustrations), Spoken Word (drawing), Script (movie), or Fakebook drama /process paper (fakebook platform)

All projects have both a writing and visual component, which integrate arts and communication throughout.  Students will be evaluated on creativity and incorporation of both the art and writing portion.

Checklist for students:

_ A bibliography of at least 3 scholarly sources

_ Incorporation of all essential vocabulary

_ Incorporation of periodic trends, organization, and general bonding ideas skillfully woven into project

_ Aesthetically well done

_ Both a writing and visual component complete and presentable

_ Peer evaluation complete

_ Presentation

_ Reflection



This covers the following standards:


The structure of the atom determines chemical properties of elements.

Benchmark: Periodic Table:

Explain the arrangement of the elements on the Periodic Table, including the relationships among elements in a given column or row.



Chemical reactions involve the rearrangement of atoms as chemical bonds are broken and formed through transferring or sharing of electrons and the absorption or release of energy.

Benchmark: Chemical Bonds:

Describe the role of valence electrons in the formation of chemical bonds.



Standard 9C.2.1.1:

The periodic table illustrates how patterns in the physical and chemical properties of elements are related to atomic structure.

Benchmark: 9C. Periodic Table & Atoms:

Explain the relationship of an element's position on the periodic table to its atomic number and electron configuration.


Benchmark: 9C. Trends in the Periodic Table:

Identify and compare trends on the periodic table, including reactivity and relative sizes of atoms and ions; use the trends to explain the properties of subgroups, including metals, non-metals, alkali metals, alkaline earth metals, halogens and noble gases.



A link to all documents:

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