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History Day Research Tools

Find a Book - use the North catalog to check what books are available at the media center

Google search - google your topic but KNOW that you cannot necessarily trust what you find. 

Use a Databases - each database below has been vetted so you will only find reliable information: 

  • Britannica School Encyclopedia - a good starting place to get an overview of your topic.  You can select whether you want middle school or high school reading level.   
  • Research in Context - a user friendly database that will organize search results into categories like reference, biography, images, videos, primary sources etc.
  • Student Resources in Context - similar to research in context but includes more academic and college level sources, slightly more sophisticated.  
  • Umbra - African American History Database
  • Academic Search Premiere - the 'most sophisticated' of these databases.  All sources are considered to be scholarly!

 Make Citations - Create a record of where you found your information

  • BibMe - BibMe is a helpful tool but use it to create your citation but NOT to store your citation.  Once you create the citation, copy and paste into your google doc. 

Saving - keep everyting in ONE PLACE your google docs so you don't have to search for it later. 

Webpage - If you are creating a website, here is a link for Weebly

  • Weebly - do NOT forget to record your username and password in your google doc.  If you forget your password you may have to start over.