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1915-1916 Baseball Season
Roy Kammerer
The 1915-1916 season was extremely short, as compared to the standards of the 21st century.  The team played five game, three in conference and two "practice" games.  The team played very poorly as a unit and lost all but one game.

The first game of the season was against Central.  Errors by the Polars and great hitting by Central gave Central an 18-0 victory.

The second game against South was much like the first.  August Vollbrecht was the starting pitcher.  He pitched three strong innings, but the Tigers hit him hard in the fourth. Sam Bugenstein was brought for relief and the Tigers hammered him as well.  Victor Lind eventually replaced Bugenstein.  By the

end of the game, the Tigers again won a one-sided game 16-1.

The third game was a "practice" game (according to the 1916 yearbook) against Harrison Elementary.  The Polars played a great game against a team that was not great caliber (according to high school standards).  The Polars won easily 12-0.

The Polars played their second "practice" game against University High.  The Polars Victor Lind was the starter and held University in check.  He was replaced by Harry Smith who game up many hits.  The Polar defense again lacked teamwork and it showed in the 9-4 loss.

The Polars then played Central for the second tine.  Again, the Polars were soundly beaten 11-1.