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1916-1917 Baseball Season

Coach Myron Leslie began his final season as head coach with at team that had high expectations. 


The first game was played against South.  The Polars won 7-5 behind Captain Sam Bugenstein.  The team showed promise in both the field and at bat.


The second game pitted the Polars against East.  Redmond, the East pitcher held the Polars to three runs, while East scored nine.


The third game against Central was as disappointing as the previous game against East.  The Polars managed only one run while Central scored six. 


The Polars took a break from conference play to go against Dunwoody.  The Polars won 9-8 with a strong team effort.


The Polars returned to conference play against West.  The Polars finished the first round with a 9-6 victory.


Game 6 began the second round of conference play. South was again the opponent and the result of the second game was the same as the first, with the Polars winning 4-1.


The results of the final three games were not listed in the Polaris yearbook and have not been found as of this date. Since the final scores are not available, the final team record is also missing.