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1920-1921 G.A.A.
Loving Cup WInner Bernice Smaby

Female athletes in the 1920 -1921 school year competed in what people of the 2000’s would call intramural athletics.  Women participated in skating, hiking, track, volleyball, swimming, tennis and indoor baseball.  They played on

Loving Cup winner Gertrude Schupple
teams in the interclass games for three years.  Females who earned 1000 points, earned a loving cup.  How a female earned the points was not discussed in the yearbook. 


1920-1921 North High Monorgam WInners: Cora Carlson, Melva Block, Evelyn Brooks, Rose Abromowitz, Evangeline Hollenbeck

Two women, Gertrude Schupple and Bernice Smeby earned 1000 points and loving cups.

These two wree considered the greatest female athletes of the year.  Old yearbooks records indicate that Smeby participated in volleyball

G.A.A. Senior Women's Baseball Team
and skating. 


Five other females earned 600 points, which earned them the North High School Girls Monogram.  Those women were Cora Carlson, Melva Block,

G.A.A. Women's Junior Volleyball Team
Evelyn Brooks, Rose Abromowitz and Evangeline Hollenbeck.  Brooks earned her point through participating in baseball and volleyball. 
G.A.A Sophomore Baseball Team
Hollenbeck earned her awards in track and volleyball.  Carlson was the tennis champion of North. 


Florence Berman was the North champion in tennis

G.A.A. Freshmen Volleyball Team
and represented North in the conference tournament.  Tennis is the only women’s sport where a conference champion is determined.