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1925-1926 G.A.A.
Loving Cup winners Beatrice Wellnitz, Ethyl Copeland and Charlotte Mark

The 1925-1926 G.A.A had a rules change in membership.  Girls had to earn 100 points to become a member.  To remain a member, girls had to earn 50 points each semester.  All girls in the school are considered associate members until they earn 100 points.


A new points system also was instituted.  The first award is given at 500 points.  To earn this award, the girls must hear at least 75 points in sportsmanship, 50 points in leadership, 35 points in class work, 75 points in teams, 10 points in hiking and 50 points for observing training rules.  The remainder of the points could have been earned in any event except hiking.  If a girl earned 600 points, she was given an “N.”  If a girl earned another 600 points (1200 total) she would earn a silver loving cup, as long as she maintained a “C” average for two semesters.


Three girls earned loving cups.  Beatrice Wellnitz earned her points in swimming, baseball, skating, tennis, volleyball,

Soccer Participants. Back row: Toivonen (no first name given), Elizabeth Mynttinen, Florence Hukari, Myrtle Cable, Joyce Crysler, Beatrice Olson, Consuelo Michaelson, Alice Sand, Edith Aune. Middle Row: Annette Friedlander, Emma Huebner, Nearys Quist, Ruth Osterhus, Havens (no first name found), Avis Berglund, Ruth Whittman, Ann Gerschovitz, Paulson (no first name found). Front Row: Ethel Harris, Jeanne Picus, Simmons (no first name given), Ann Kronfeld, Charlotte Mark, Eloise Taylor, Joyce Custer, Effie Krug, Elizabeth Hoffer, Ruth Dusing.
track and hiking.  Charlotte Mark earned points in swimming, baseball, folk dancing, skating, tennis, volleyball, and track.  Ethyl Copeland earn hers in swimming, baseball, folk dancing, volleyball and tennis.


Among the activities the ladies could participate in were soccer, volleyball, tennis, skating, track, and swimming. The ladies may have earned some of their points in past years to earn their awards.


The Volleyball tournament had 12 teams of ten students each.  After preliminary play, each class created one team from the best players.  The Juniors won the round robin play with a 5-1 record.  After the round robin tournament, an all-star team was picked.  The team played Central.  The Polars came out on top 48-21.  After the game, the annual banquet was held with Central as the guests.  North then traveled to Edison to play their asll-stars before the Edison G.A.A. banquet.  North won

Volleyball: Back row: Nellie Kirschbaum, Ethel Harrison, Priscilla Bretz, Alice Sand, Marion Belor. Front Row: Consuelo Michaelson, Eloise Taylor, Rebecca Cell, Marion Custer, Fae Brickner.
both games that were played 17-14 and 21-10.


The Fall tennis tournament had a new format this year.  Instead of an individuals tournament, which had been the tradition, it was decided to have a doubles tournament instead.  In the championship game, Jeanette Silverman and Esther Levin played against Rena Rosenberg and Rosaling Shure.  The Silverman/Levin team won the first set 11-9.  Rosenberg and Shure won the second set 8-6.  The final set went to Silverman and Levin 6-1. The Spring tournament was also held.  It was the traditional individuals tournament.

Skating begain at North Commons park on January 22, 1926.  Bad weather did not keep the participants away.  Inez Rusley was the high point getter of the first day, earning 142 points.  In order to earn points, the girls had to demonstrate in several ways, straight and back, plain skating, cutting circles, left right back and forth, and speed test. 



All-Star Volleyball team: Back row: Rebecca Cell, Tobia Goldstein, Gladys Aune, Fae Brechner, Brickner (no first name given). Front row: Elizabeth Hoffer, Ruth Dusing, Bernice Iverson, Marion Belor, Ann Kronfeld.
track event was held in two days.  This was a city-wide contest.  Nine Polar ladies won events, including new records in the hop-skip-jump set by Florence Beck, basketball throw set by Bernice Iverson and playground ball throw (No winner was mentioned in the 1926 yearbook).  Consuelo Michaelson also set a new North record for the discus.  Other winners from North were Florence Murphy in running broad jump, Beck in the running high jump, Nellie Kirschbaum in the shot put, Beck in the 50 yard dash and Lorraine Shalett in the hurdles. 


Swimming was the final event featured in the 1926 yearbook.  Sixty girls turned out for the first day of swimming at Franklin Junior High School’s swimming pool.  Events included sixty yard swim, 25 foot plunge, straight front dive, bobbing ten times in six feet of water for breathing control and floating in at least six feet of water for one minute.  Two girls, Charlotte Mark and Marion Custer, earned their life-saving badges.