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1926-1927 G.A.A.
Interclass volleyball action.

The 1926-1927 G.A.A continued working under the rules set the prior year..  Girls had to earn 100 points to become a member.  To remain a member, girls had to earn 50 points each semester.  All girls in the school are considered associate members until they earn 100 points.


A new awards system was instituted

All-Star Volleyball Team Back row: Tobia Goldstein, Marie Stein, Symi Macki, Lucile Michels, Muriel Brickner, Elizabeth Myntinnen. Front Row: Virginia Pettigrew, Helen Sieg, Ruth Dusing, Florence Hukari, Beatrice Davies, Rose Cable.
for the 1926-1927 season.  If a girl earned 200 points, they would receive a G.A.A. button.  600 points would earn the girls an “N,” and 1000 points would earn the girl a silver loving cup.  As with last year, any winner of the loving cup must maintain a “C” average for two semesters.


Two girls, Consuelo Michaelson and Eloise Taylor,  earned the loving cups for earning 1000 points.  Five

Baseball Team: Elstad (no first name given), Helen Konek, Katherine Brasser, Ann Jackson, Libby Sagel, Toby Goldstein, Florence Hukari, Gladys Aske, Bernice Peterson, Ruth Dusing, Helen Martin
girls, Tobia Goldstein, Alice Sand, Symie Macki, Anna KRonfeld and Helen Martin, earned a letter “N” for earning 600 points.


The events for the 1926-1927 year were skating, baseball, volleyball, hiking, track, tennis, and swimming.  


The Volleyball program began with 10 teams playing preliminary rounds.  The teams would play 15 minutes. 

Skating Participants: Back row: Muriel Brickner, G. Johnson (no first name given), Lucile Michels, Frances Doll, Laulainen (no first name given), Cosuelo Michaelson. Front Row: Muriel Buck, Virginia Pettigrew, Mary Ellen Doran, Dorothy Falk.
The team that amassed the most points would be considered the winner.  Class teams were then picked from these players to play in the Class tournament.  The B Juniors won the tournament and did not lose any games.   An all-star team was then selected to play Edison at Edison.  Edison won 15-14.  Roosevelt
Swimmers: Florence Hanrahan, Helen Toivonen, Elizabeth Mynttinen, Besser (no first name given), Burke (no first name given), Frances Doll, Sylvia Pakonen, Lister (no first name given), Lydia Ruut, Ruth Marcus, Helen Silver, Helen Martin, Symie Macki,
was invited to play at North.  North was victorious 59-34. 


Baseball was another of the sports the ladies participated in.  There were preliminary rounds, followed by selecting the Class teams.  The Sophomores emerged as the victors, defeating the Seniors 16-11



Tennis: Back Row: Florence Hukari, Joyce Crysler, Myrtle Cable, Virginia Pettigrew. Front Row: Lucile Michels, Marion Hennig, Muriel Brickner, Helen Sieg.
again took place at North Commons Park.  There were two tryouts.  Virginia Pettigrew earned 200 points to lead all of the girls. 


Swimming was again held at the Franklin pool. 

Track: Back Row: Marion Custer, Ann Kronfeld, Bernice Peterson, Rose Brennes. Front Row: Beatrice Davies, Gladys Aske, Mary Gallagher, Consuelo Michaelson, Harris (no first name given).
Eight girls, Mildred Anderson, Frances Doll, Rith Dusing, Claudia Kerness, Elizabeth Myntinnen, Evelyn Swanson, Rith Whitman and Helen Martin, earned their life saving badge.


Tennis is held twice in the year, in the fall and in the Spring.  In the Spring, Ethyl Copeland retained the singles title she earned last year by defeating Jeanette Silberman.  Copeland won the first set 6-4, lost the second one 4-6 and took the tie-breaking set 6-2. 

Letter and cup winners: Back Row: Anna Kronfeld, Helen Martin, Symie Macki, Ruth Dusing, Alice Sand, Tobia Goldstein. Front Row: Eloise Taylor, Consuelo Michaelson.
In the Fall, the doubles tournament was held Marion Hennig and Muriel Brickner played for the championship against Lucile Michels and Helen Sieg.  The Brickner-Hennig team won 8-6, 6-0.


Track was also offered.  Merle LaBar set a city record of 148 feet in the baseball throw.