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1927-1928 G.A.A.
Volleyball players: Gladys Aske, Ruth Dusing, Tobia GOldstein, Florence Huraki, Katherine Brasser

The G.A.A. for 1927-1928 consisted of seven events: baseball, basketball, skating, swimming, tennis, track and volleyball.  Girls would earn a G.A.A. button for 200 points, a letter for 600 points and a silver loving cup for 1000 points.  They also must maintain a ā€œCā€ average for two semesters

Baseball Players: Back row: Florence Tenney, Lucille Michels, Marian Anderson, Dorothy Tenney. Front Row: Elsie Weberg, Virginia Pettigrew, LaVerne Barton, Lenore Taylor.
prior to receiving her cup.


The volleyball tournament was held in the Fall.  The Senior team was the champion. 


Basketball participants Back Row: Helen Bartel, Don Carlos (no first name given), Marguerite Olson, Georgia Schomburg, Brooks (no first name given), Vivian Hastings, Verna Wilson, Helen Tucker, Liljegren (no first name given), Orr (no first name given). Middle row: Kohn (no first name given, Blanchard (no first name gien) Leah Lisovsky, Bloomquist (no first name given) Virginia Pettigrew, Bertha Grossman, Marion Gross, Olsen (no first name given), Mary Ellen Doran, Bertha Rutman. Front row: Margretta Brasser, Marjorie Andrews, Beatrice Cohen, Linnea Pearson, Lucille Slepica, Eleanor Ellingsen, Alta Nelson, Margaret Hart, Sarah Barach, Esther Shapiro, Hann (no first name given).

Baseball was held in the Spring.  The Sophomore team was the champion. 


This was the first season for basketball.  130 girls

Ibister (no first name given), Lillian Gordon, Virginia Pettigrew, Florence Tenney, Eleanor Ellingsen, St. Germaine (no first name given)
came out to participate.  The Junior class won the class tournament. 


Skating again took place at North

Sitting on ledge: Marion Custer, Helen Tucker, Curran (no first name given), Haier (no first name given), Shore (no first name gien), Bloom (no firlst name given), Holma (no first name given), Hannu (no first name given), Symie Macki, Miller (no first name given), Reiter (no first name given). In water: Ruth Marcus, Margaret Woolley, Alice Perantie, Elizabeth Mynttinen, Lydia Ruut, Beatrice Davies, Ethel Harrison, Lenore Taylor, Virginia Pettigrew, Florence Hanrahan, Helen Silver.
Commons Park and swimming was held at the Franklin pool.  Track was held in the spring. Tennis was held in the fall. There is no information on who won these events.