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1928-1929 G.A.A.
Senior Volleyball Team: Front Row: Sadie Cohen, Lucille Michels, Virginia Pettigrew. Back Row: Lydia Ruut, Bertha Grossman, Ruth Lauderdale.

The 1928-1929 Girls’ Athletic Association had three major sports, volleyball, basketball and baseball.  There were many other activities that did not need tryouts in order to participate.  All girls in the school are members of the G.A.A.  The G.A.A. also expects the ladies to

1928-1929 Junior Basketball Team: Front Row: Bertha Rutman, Loderna Olsen, Helen Bartel, Gwendolyn Ott. Back Row: Patricia Buchner, Brooks (no first name given), Eleanor Ellingsen, Georgia Leff
be positive role models and display proper sportsmanship.


During the volleyball tournament, the Seniors won their second consecutive championship.  The Sophomore class had the worst luck, losing match after match,

Fall Doubles Champions: Lucille Michels-Lenore Taylor. Runners-Up: Virginia Pettigrew-Helen Sieg.
usually by a small margin.  The Seniors played the Juniors for the championship in what was one of the closest events in recent years.


Basketball is a relatively new sport in the G.A.A.  The classes practiced for the first week then started a preliminary

Singles Tennis Champion: Lucille Michels. Runner-Up: Virginia Pettigrew
round of games.  The Seniors and Sophomores put up a good fight, but the Juniors were declared the champions for the second time.


Unlike past seasons, baseball did not have a large number of participants this year.  There were no preliminary games

Junior Baseball Team: Front Row: Hannu (no first name given), Cheslock (no first name given), Leah Lisovsky, Virginia Pettigrew, Marion Gross, Irene White, Evelyn Grossman. Back Row: Beatrice Katz, Marjorie Andeson, Robinson (no first name given), Jean Hastings, Lucille Slepica.
played due to the short amount of time.  The teams practiced indoors and the played the games outdoors.  The Sophomores provided two teams, but the Juniors won the class title. 


The tennis tournaments

Swimming: Virginia Pettigrew, Kainula (no first name given), June Farsht, Helen Bartel, Brooks (no first name given), Levine (no first name given), Helen Tucker, Bertha Grossman, Esther Shapiro.
were held in the Spring and the Fall.  The singles tournament was held in the fall.  The top three players were Lucille Michels, Virginia Pettigrew and Myrtle Cable.  Cable forfeited to Pettigrew.  Pettigrew then lost to Michels. 

Skating: Marian Anderson, Verna Wilson, Brooks (no first name given), A. Fjelde (no first name given), Gwendolyn Ott, Helen Sieg, Margaret Hoffman, Lucille Slepica, Ida Brown, Shirley Edelston, Irene White, Desolee Murphy, Kagen (no first name given), L. Turchick (no first name given), Lois Johnson, Mildred Mylsten.


In the doubles tournament, Lenore Taylor and Lucile Michels defeated Virginia Pettigrew and Helen Sieg 6-2, 6-2 to claim the title.


Swimming and skating were also activities that girls participated in.