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1928-1929 Men's Gymnastics
Front Row: Hogan (no first name given), Levern Larson, Robert Brademan. Middle Row: Sidney Falk, Ronald Blowers, Stanley Grove, Bertram Thornton, Frank Pettigrew. Back Row: Roland Fischer, Lewellyn Martin, Merten Crooker, Head Coach George Conklin, Berkley Ertl, Robert Lane, Saadia Gelb.

The 1928-1929 gymnastics season began with a group of athletes who had very little experience in gymnastics.  Not much was expected of the team. 

Merton Crooker performs a near perfect hand stand on the parallel bar.
Ronald Blowers, the team captain, was the only advanced veteran to return to the team.


Bertram Thornton "rides" the horse.

The Polars only victory of the season cane in a dual against Roosevelt. 

Sidney Falk is ready for take off on the rings.
However, the Teddies gained revenge by defeating the Polars in the conference meet and the Northwestern meet.