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1956-1957 Men's Track Season
Front Row: Joe Boersma, Mike Dunn, Martin Hansen, Larry Epstein, Don Foss, Gerry Lienfelder, Doug Sacre, Ronald Thurner. Back Row: Elliot Rothenberg, Bruce Franks, Irv Smith, Leo Johnson, Bob Hoeft, Ward Bell, Mike Rogers, Roger Wertinen.

The 1956-1957 track team was again coached by Lewis Burnett.  Coach Burnett seems to have constantly developing teams.  This team developed almost perfectly. 


North sprinters lead the way in this race.
team had a strong 6-1 record in dual meets.  The team lost to Edison 67-6-64.8 for their only loss.  The team defeated Edison (67.3-65.6), Henry (70.5-42.5), Marshall
Bob Holly buried himself ankle deep as he competes in the broad jump.
(66.6-38.5), South (64.8-64.0) and Vocational twice (64.8-28.25 and 66.6-33.5).

 The conference relays meet was not good to North.  The team scored only six points.  The team standings were: Central (73), Roosevelt

North relay racers demonstrate perfect hand offs as they lead the race.
(60), Southwest (58.6), Washburn (45.6), South (20), Edison (16.6), West (15), Henry (10), Marshall (9), North (6), and Vocational (0)

 North fared worse in the conference meet. 

Milton Ertle widens his lead as he clears another hurdle.
The Polars scores ZERO points.  The team results were: Central (46.2), Washburn (39.7), Roosevelt (37), Southwest (23.7), South (17), Marshall (10), Edison (9.7), West (6.7), Henry (4.5), Vocational (0) and North (0).