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1957-1958 Cheerleading Season
Back Row: Sandy Zalik, Ronny Heiligman, Sharlyn Pomerleau, Rita Schaitberger. Middle Row: Joel Anderson, Susie Goldstein, Margie Bosak, Front RowL Hoanne Linner
The 1957-1958 Cheerleading squad consisted of seven members who vigorously supported the teams and encouraged fan to support the Polar athletes. 



The Cheerelading squad encouraging the team to "Hold the Line" during a football game.
1958 Polaris yearbook said the following of the cheerleaders. “The cheerleaders this year have done a wonderful job of supporting school spirit and cheering the teams on in both victory and defeat.”


“To all outward appearances, being a cheerleader is just fun;

The squad waits patiently for the next North points during a basketball game.
but the truth is that it is really a lot of work.  One example of this is the pep fests put on periodically for the whole school.  One which was especially enjoyed was entitled ‘Cheerleaders from around the world.’”