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1957-1958 Hockey Season
Coach Jack Behrendt, Dick Fowler,Gary Lindman, Kim Ketcham, Paul Carlson, Dave Zandlo, John Schley, Judd Sheridan, Frank Sporna, Bob Trombley, Louis Roehl.

Coach Jack Behrendt began his fifth season coaching the Polar hockey team.  He and assistant coach Edward Soltys had their work cut out for them.  Very few players had experience so the team was literally built from scratch. 


The Polars won against Central (4-2), Marshall (3-1), South (2-1), Vocational (2-1), and West (2-1).  North lost to Roosevelt

Leonard Roehl, Bryan Bartness, Chuck Squires, Gary Parsons, Ron Carciopini, Dave Carlson, Jeff Holtmeir, Bruce Polachzyk, Dave Sletten, Neson Berman, Harvey Vinitsky.
(4-0) and Southwest (3-2).  Ties were with Edison (1-1), Washburn (0-0) and Henry (no score was available).


The team played Saint Paul Central on January 16, 1958.  The Minutemen handily defeated the Polars 6-2.The Polars gained revenge on St. Paul Central when North won 5-3 on January 29.


The team ended the regular season with a 5-2-3 record, in fifth place.  Because they finished in the top five, the Polars made the playoffs.  Their first playoff game was against Southwest.  Earlier

Frank Sporna assists goaltender Louis Roehl is stopping the opposition's attempted goal.
in the season, Southwest handed North one of their two losses, 3-2.  North would score a dramatic last minute goal to defeat Southwest 3-2!


The second playoff game was against Henry.  Henry and North tied during the regular season.  Henry handed North a 4-1 loss and ended the Polars season.


Winger Paul Carlson, who led the team in scoring, was named to the all-conference team.


The sophomore hockey team finished in third place with 5-4-1 record