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1957-1958 Men's Gymnastics (Apparatus) Season
Front Row: Peter Witkowski, Gary Jacques, Tom Hokkanen, Orlin Collins, Jim Baker, Michael Dunn, Paul Olsen, Pat Smith. Second Row: Bruce Hendry, Dennis Moen, Jos Boersma, James Rothbauer, Gordon Hasse, Gene Peters, Jim Friederich, Jim Styer, Marvin Kmetz, James Bajari. Third Row: David Reichard, Steve Rakos, Ralph Bohn, John Lundquist, Coach Lewis Burnett, Robert Hansen, Patrick Bird, Jeffrey Hammel. Back Row: Charles Donnelly, Ted Mateski, R. Miller, David Erickson, Dave Johnson, John Ross, J. Miller, Roger Anderson.

The 1957-1958 Apparatus team, coached by Lewis Burnett, again had an extremely successful season.  The team again won numerous championships.


The team participated in four dual meets.  The Polars defeated Edison 123.6-22.3, in both Class C and Class D.  North beat Henry in Class D 120.5-29.5 and in Class B & C 120.5-29.5.  South was also defeated in Class D play 73-7, and in Class C 61-19.  The only loss was against Roosevelt’s combined Class B, C & D teams 134-107.


Class D All-Around Champion shows his winning form on the horse.

The team lost the Class B conference title.  Marshall totaled 810 points.  North had 767.5, followed by Roosevelt 504 and Henry 272.5.


In the Class C Conference meet, North outpointed the competition, with 2144.  The rest of the field ended up in the following order: Roosevelt (2132.5), Edison (2079.5), Henry (2069.25), Marshall (1651.5), and South (524.5).


In the Class D Meet, North was also the victor with 2203 points.  Roosevelt (2167.5), Edison (2109), Henry (2061.75), Marshall

Steve Rakos demonstrates excellent technique on the parallel bars.
(1933) and South (1379) were the remainder of the competitors.


The Polars were successful in the District meet to determine who will go to the State tournament.  The Polars were Class D District champions, scoring 64.58 points.  The rest of the field finished as follows: Roovevelt (35.58), Edison (9.5), and Robbinsdale (0.33).  Henry, Marshall, South and Willmar did not score.


In Class C, North finished second.  The results were: Roosevelt (25), North (19), South (8), Henry (2.5), Edison (.5).  Marshall and  Robbinsdale

Gordon Hasse shows why he finished in 3rd place (Class B) on the rings at the conference meet.
did not score.


North finished third in Class B with one point.  Roosevelt (23) and Marshall (19) finished ahead of the Polars.


At the State tournament, the Polars swept all three classes to bring home the hardward. 


North had individual conference champions as well.  Ralph Bohn (parallel bars Class D), Robert Hansen (horse Class D), Jeff Hemma (horizontal bar-Class D), and Gene Peters (horse-Class B) were all individual apparatus champions.  Ralph Bohn also was named the All-Around champion in Class D.