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1958-1959 G.A.A.
1958-1959 Badminton Team Front Row: Barbara McKelvey, Mary Latvala, Marian Erickson, Garen Gleason. Back Row: Penny Darson, Hedda Jurgenson, Darlene Day, Karol Ostrin, Lynn Remly, Karen Thorson

The 1958-1959 G.A.A. sponsored 11 athletic activities for the females of North High School. Those activities were tennis, golf, volleyball, touch football, swimming,

Two players vie for the ball under the basket.
skating, bowling, dance, gymnastics, badminton and basketball.  The ladies were coached my Maroa Tracy and Mary Josephson.


The Badminton team played against teams from

The progression pike head stand is performed by Jean Lofstrand, Karen Gleason and JoAnne Hemerick.
the other schools.  The team had a 2-3 record.  Each of the games lost was by one point. 


The Swimming team competed against other schools as well. 

Joanne Graham demonstrates good form on the buck.
Karen Gleason was the conference champion in diving. 


The ladies formed six teams during the basketball season.  There was a round-robin tournament to determine the best team in

Modern Dance is a big draw at North.
the school.


Gymnastics consisted of work on the rings, horse, rope and trampoline.  Tumbling was added to the repertoire this year.


Figure skaters from left to right: Sharon-Lou Tapper,JoAnn Hemerick, Karen Gleason, Pat Lind, Carol Herman, LaVerne Hanka, Karen Karlson, Sandra Parsons, Jean Loftsrand, Charlotte Erickson, Barbara ALlen, Beverly Brousseau.

Modern Dance is probably the most popular activity offered by the G.A.A.  Beginning and advanced levels are both offered for the girls.  The group performed at the University of Minnesota, on television and at the annual Spring concert.


Touch football was a popular fall activity for the girls.

During the winter, the ladies used the ice rink at North Commons Park to participate in figure skating.  The weather has to be cold enough so the ice is hard.



That volleyball has been up there for a LONG time.
is scheduled by gym class.  Gym classes competed against each other to determine the best team.


The ladies enthusiastically played Touch Football during the fall.  They demonstrated their skills on the field and in the

Tennis Squad: Front row: Karen Thorson, Lynn Remly. Back Row: Donna Gallup, Sue Gohmert, Barbara McKelvey, Faye Olander, Raye Olander.


Tennis practice begins in the fall, but the city tennis tournamnet is in the spring.  North, as always was represented by an enthusiastic group of ladies.


Girls practice their golf swing indoors before moving outside.

As with tennis, the ladies begin golf in the fall and play matches in the spring.