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2007-2008 Men's Tennis
2007-2008 Tennis Team Picture: Lee Vang, Tony Yang, Eugene Talatala, Geoff Johnson, TsuYee Yang, Coach Ron Anderson, Bee Vang, Matthew Vang, Xue Lee, Anoulak Phimmachanh
The 2007-2008 season began with a new head coach.  Ron Anderson, geography teacher, took the reins of the team (Coach Anderson also coached the team for the 2004-2005 season.) Coach Anderson believed that his team could be competitive because of the way the team ended the prior season. 
Anoulak Phimmachanh: Senior---Second year playing tennis---Also played soccer---Earned three letters (two in soccer, one in tennis)---Annoulak plays tennis because it is fun and he like to be as active as possible. He says tennis is not easy and it is very hard to play
However some of the returning players decided not to participate.

The first match of the season was a non-conference against St. Paul Humboldt.  The Polars were out-matched, losing 6-1.

Geoff Johnson: Senior---Second year playing tennis---Also played soccer---Earned two letters (both in soccer)---Geoff says tennis is a fun sport to play and it is more fun than it looks.

The conference season began against arch-rival Henry.  The Patriots attacked the Polars and were victorious again by a 6-1 score.

Two non-conference opponents, both who are in the new Region 5A which the Polars will also compete, were next.  The Polars traveled

Bee Vang: Senior---First year playing tennis---Also runs track---Bee looks forward to improving his endurance and stamina.
to Becker.  The team had trouble leaving the school when the bus was late.  The driver wanted to know why the match was not cancelled because it was snowing out (Becker has an indoor tennis facility).  The bus then ran out of gas!  Nothing could go right for the Polars. 
Eugene Talatala: Junior---First year playing tennis---also plays soccer and basketball---earned one letter (soccer), and given the Hustle Award in basketball (2006-2007 season) and Best Attitude award for basketball (2005-2006 season). Eugene decided to play tennis because of the challenge of the game. He also wanted to meet new people and have fun. He said tennis is a lot more difficult and it takes hand-eye coordination. The constant moving around works your entire body.
The North Athletic Director called Becker and told them not to worry; our team is on the way.  When the Polars arrived, they played against a very experienced Becker team who defeated the Polars 7-0. 

The team then traveled to Brooklyn

Xue Lee: Junior---First year playing tennis—Xue decided to play tennis because he wanted to try something new. He says tennis is harder than it looks.
Center.  Again, the Polars lost 7-0.

The Polars returned to conference play against the Teddies of Roosevelt.  Roosevelt won 5-2.

South and Southwest were the next two opponents. 

Matthew Vang: Sophomore---First year playing tennis---Matthew says tennis is fun and takes a lot of hard work in order to be successful.
Both teams defeated the Polars 7-0. 

With the team having a 0-4 conference record, the next game was crucial.  Edison also came into the match without a victory.  North dominated the match with a 7-0 victory to stay out of the cellar.

TsuYee Yang: Sophomore---First year playing tennis---Also plays soccer---Earned one letter (Soccer), and named Most Improved Player in Soccer (2007-2008 season)---TsuYee says tennis is “rockin’ awesome!”

The final conference match was against Washburn.  The Millers defeated the Polars 5-2.  The Conference season ended with a 1-5 record in 6th place.

The team, however, was not finished with their season.  They ended the regular season with one more match against

Lee Vang: Freshman---First year playing tennis. Lee decided to play tennis because it looks fun.
Humboldt, losing again 6-1. 

The team finished team competition with a match against Breck in the first round of regions. Breck, the #1 seed, easily defeated the Polars, the #8 seed, 7-0 to end the year.

Individuals and doubles participated in the individual/doubles

Tony Yang: Freshman---First year playing tennis---Tony decided to play tennis because it is fun to try something new.
tournament on May 22. Annoulak Phimmachanh, #8 seed, represented North in the singles competition.  He lost to to a Mr. Gudin, #9 seed from Becker 6-1, 6-2.  Kabee Chang and Chong Vang teamed in the doubles tournament as did Porchoua Lor and Lee Vang.  Both teams
Head Coach Ron Anderson: Second year coaching tennis (coached in 2004-2005 season)---Also coached Men's Soccer and has been an assistant coach on Mens' Basketball and Women's Soccer teams---Teaches Freshman Geography at North.
lost to their opponents 6-0, 6-0

The Polars ended the season with a 1-10 overall record.