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2007-2008 Season
2007-2008 North Varsity Softball Team: Front Row: Karyssa Linsey, Katie Miller, Bao Vang, Nikki Yang, Ceara Hinton, Shunzel Wright, Angela Fabel Back Row: Head Coach Natalie Rasmussen, Shaniece Pink, Kanecia Bullock, Jaida Belmer, Michelle Griffin, Ka'Mesha Belton, Johnika Wiley, Assistant Coach Lorna Haug-Lee
The 2007-2008 softball season began like every other season, hope for championships and great play from players.  When Head Coach Natalie Rasmussen, beginning her fifth year as head coach,  stepped into the gym for the first day of practice, she tied former coach Rodney Lossow for the longest tenure of any softball head coach at North. Coach Rasmussen, along with new assistat coach Lorna Haug-Lee, decided
Jaida Belmer: Third year playing softball---Also played basketball and tennis---Earned five letters (three in tennis, two in softball), Named Most Valuable Player in Tennis (2007-2008 season)—Named Captain of the 2007-2008 softball team---Jaida plays softball because of the team spirit, the fun and the competition. The one thing people do not know about the softball team is that win or lose, the team is extremely respectful and show great sportsmanship.
early on that North would only field a Varsity team.  With the number of women who tried out for the team, this was a good decision. 

Returning players Jaida Belmer, Angela Fabel and Ebony Wingo were supposed to be the building blocks of the team.  Wingo however left the team, leaving a void at catcher. 

Katie Miller: Senior---First year playing softball---Katie decided to play softball because of the team and the coach (Mrs. Rasmussen). She said it is fun working to master a new skill.
Belmer volunteered to catch, having played first base for the majority of her prior seasons.  Nikki Yang and Ceara Hinton were slated to be the pitching tandem.

The Polars opened their season on April 9 against Washburn.  North was defeated 18-1, but the women kept high spirits.  Coach Rasmussen told the players the important thing was to represent

KaMesha Belton: Senior---First year playing softball---Ka’Mesha has always loved softball. She played it throughout middle school. She says softball can be very addictive.
North and themselves with the best spirit, camaraderie and teamwork they could.

The results of the following games were much the same as the first game.  The Polars played South and lost 28-1, followed by losses to Southwest, 10-0, Edison, 24-1, Henry, 20-4, and Washburn again, 21-1.

The second half of the conference season began playing Roosevelt

Angela Fabel: Junior---Third year playing softball---Also plays tennis and basketball---Earned two letters (one each in softball and tennis)---Angela is attracted to softball because of the teamwork. She says you can never expect what the next play is going to be. Every play is different.
for the first time. (The first game was rained out, so Washburn was actually the sixth opponent.) North scored a season high 7 runs against the Teddies, but succumbed to them 17-7.

North took a break from conference play to participate in the St. Paul Como Park

Shaniece Pink: Junior---First year playing softball---Shaniece wanted to expand her horizons and step outside of her comfort zone, so she decided to try softball.
tournament on May 3.  The weather on May 2 was heavy rain. Most people believed the tournament would be cancelled.  Coach Rasmussen was in constant contact with the tournament director and the North Athletic Director to coordinate possible cancellations.  On the morning of May 3, Coach Rasmussen received a telephone call saying the tournament was ON.  However, the games would be delayed about
Ceara Hinton: Sophomore---Second year playing softball---Also plays basketball---Earned one letter (softball)---Ceara says you need great teamwork in order to be successful. It is a team thing.
two hours.  Coach called the A.D. to see if the busses could be rescheduled.  While he called transportation, she called the players to tell them to get ready to play.  The bus left 1 1/2 hours later and the team made their first game.  The Polars played Como Park in their first game
Michelle Griffin: Sophomore---first year playing softball---Also played basketball---Named Toughest in the Paint in Freshman Basketball (2006-2007 season)---Michelle decided to play softball because she wanted to learn something new, work hard and have fun. She says softball is far from the undershadow of baseball.
and lost 22-1.  Heritage Christian Academy was their second opponent of the day.  Frustration began to set in as the team lost 36-0.  The team ended the day against Meadow Creek Christian school and lost 16-0.  Even though the team lost all
Kanecia Bullock: Sophomore---First year playing softball---Kanecia says softball gets her adrenalin pumping. It excites her and it is fun. It is a very interactive sport. She also says that even though you have to play hard, the team is full of respectful young ladies.
three games, they enjoyed the camaraderie and various snacks that the coaches provided.

The team continued their trek through the conference for the second time.  Again, the results were the same.  Losses to Southwest (18-0), Edison (22-0), South (23-4), Henry (25-0) and Roosevelt (25-0)  ended the season.

Assistant Coach Lorna Haug-Lee: First year coaching softball at North.

The team ended the season with their only region game.  The Polars were seeded 8th in their subsection and played #1 seed Orono at Orono.  Even though the Spartans defeated the Polars 13-0, the team never quit.  The Polars had more hits in this game than any other game of the season.  On defense, the Polars turned their first double play of the season!  The Orono coach and players commented

Head Coach Natalie Rasmussen: Fifth year coaching the Polar Softball team. Is currently tied for the longest time anyone has coached the softball team.---Dr. Rasmussen also is an assistant volleyball coach in the fall.
after the game on how much spirit the team had.  Both teams played with class.

The Polars ended the season with a 0-16 overall record and a 0-12 conference record, finishing in last place (7th place).