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2007-2008 Season
2007-2008 Combined Track Team: Lensa Gurmessa, Donveyea Watson, Azania Arnold, Alysha Waddles. Second Row: Kristell Caballero-Saucedo, Christopher Searcy, Francisca Pass, Dnomyar Bethea, SirMark Gentry, Leandro Dower. Third Row: Kendall Martin, Chequita Jones, Denzell Martin, Sarah Johnsopn, Jazzalyn Baker, Assistant Coach Brenda Lynn, Co-Head Coach Sam Ebute. Back Row: Co-Head Coach Tommie Casey, Assistant Coach Ayanna Young, Daudi Long, Tschaunbay Dixon, Joshua Harrison, Cordero Bridges, Lenell Johnson.
207-2008 Season
Chequita Jones: Senior---First year running track---Chequita says she loves to run because it is a good workout. Yor mind has to stay focused and determined. You also have to know how to pace yourself.
Jazzalyn Baker: Junior---Third year running track---Also plays volleyball---Earned four letters (two each in track and volleyball)---Jazzalyn enjoys racing against other teams. She says you make new friends from different schools while competing against them.
Kristell Caballero-Saucedo: Junior---Second year running track---also plays soccer---Earned four letters (three in soccer, one in track), named Rookie of the Year in Soccer (2005-2006 season) and Most valuable player in Soccer (2006-2007 season)---Kristell says the she is attracted to track because of the feeling you get when you cross the finish line and win. She says you have to be committed to track in order to succeed.
Francisca Pass: Junior---First year running track---Also plays soccer and played badminton---Earned four letters (three is soccer and one in badminton), named Most Valuable Defensive Player in soccer (2005-2006 season)---Francisca decided to run track in order to get in shape for soccer season and to stay healthy. To her, track is full of determined athletes.
Azania Arnold: Sophomore---Second year running track---Also plays volleyball---Azania runs track because of the people, the coaches and their coaching skills and because it is fun.
Lensa Gurmessa: Sophomore---Also plays soccer---Earned two letters (both in soccer), named Most Valuable Player in Soccer (2007-2008 season, named Star Tribune High School Athlete of the Week if Soccer (2007-2008 season)---Lensa has been running on her own for the last few years so she decided to join the track team. She said it is a hard sport.
Sarah Johnson: Freshman---First year running track---Also plays soccer---Earned three letters (all in soccer), given Coach’s Award in Soccer (2005-2006 season), named Player who gives Best Effort in soccer (2006-2007 season)---Sarah began participating in athletics at North during her 7th grade year. Even though she is only a freshman, she is the veteran of the soccer team.
Alysha Waddles: Freshman---First year running track---Also plays basketball---Alysha says, “When I run, I feel free. No one can stop me. It is a goal that I want to achieve. I know I can do anything.” She also says track is not just about running. It is about your effort, attitude and heart. Our team is a family.
Donveyea Watson: Freshman---First year running track---Donveyea says, “I love the way it feels when I run. I feel like I am freeing myself through running.” Track is more than running. It is about giving your best effort.
Kendell Martin: Freshman---First year running track---Also plays tennis and basketball---Earned one letter (tennis)---Kendell says she is running track to stay in shape and that she is fast.
Co-Head Coach Tommie Casey: Fifth year coaching track---Also coaches the North/Henry cross country team.
Co-Head Coach Sam Ebute: Third year coaching track (currently first year, was co-head coach during 1998-199 and 1999-2000 seasons)---Also is Girls' Soccer head coach---Was also Boys soccer head coach (2001-2005), and assistant coach for girls soccer (1998-2000), track 2001-2002) and boys soccer (2006-2007).
Assistant Coach Brenda Lynn: First year coaching.
Assistant Coach Ayanna Young: First year coaching---Graduate of North in 1999---Participated in three sports (volleyball, basketball and track), earning four letters (three in track, one in volleyball)