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2007-2008 Season
Back Row: Sarah Hollingshead, Jamie Lee, Sassy Yang, Mee Khang, PaKou Pha, Nicolette Bartulski, Coach Julie Anderson. Middle Row: Mai Nhia Yang, Foua Khang, Mao Yang, Xue Vang, Leslie Vang, Phoua Khang. Front Row: Amanda Seline, Kang La Kang, See Lee, Pang Lee, Vang Khang

The 2007-2008 badminton season began in early March.  Badminton is the first sport of the spring to begin its season.  Juggling gym time with basketball teams practicing

Vang Khang: Senior---Third year playing Badminton---Also played volleyball for four years---Earned five letters (Two in Badminton and three in Volleyball)---Named to All Conference Volleyball Team (2007-2008); Earned “Spirit of North” award in Badminton (2006-2007), Named Most Valuable Player for JV Volleyball (2005-2006), Given “Coaches Award” in Volleyball (2004-2005)---Vang is attracted to badminton because of the people and because it is fun. She also says it is a very challenging game and a real sport.
for region tournaments can be a problem.  The team, coached by Julie Anderson, began with disappointment but finished the season upbeat.

Foua Khang: Senior---Second year playing Badminton---Also played Volleyball for three years---Earned four letters (Three in Volleyball and one in Badminton), Named “Most Valuable Server” in Volleyball (2005-2006), Named Co-Captain of Volleyball (2007-2008)---Foua was originally attracted to badminton because it was a new experience for her. She has continued to play because it is very fun.

The first match was against Edison.  The Tommies eked out a 4-3 victory over the Polars on March 13,

Sassy Yang: Senior---Fourth year playing Badminton---Also played Soccer for three years---Earned four letters (two each in Badminton and Soccer---Sassy enjoys playing badminton because of the enthusiastic team. She says “I love you all!” Sassy also thinks people think badminton is an easy sport and they can get the hang of it in seconds. But, NO WAY! It is way challenging than what most people think.
2008.  Coach Anderson believed the Polars could have won the match.

The second match was against arch-rivals Henry.  Henry easily beat the Polars 5-2.

Southwest was supposed

Sarah Hollingshead: Junior---Second year playing Badminton---Also plays Basketball and Tennis---Earned two letters (one each in Badminton and Tennis)---Sarah is attracted to badminton because it is similar to tennis and it is competitive. She also believes most people do not believe badminton is a real sport. She says as long as you can compete in it against other teams and individuals, it is a sport. It is also a fun sport to play. Sarah began the season injured and will serve as team manager until she is healthy to compete.
to be the third, however a conflict postponed that match.  Instead, South was the third opponent.  South soundly defeated the Polars 6-1.  The Polars had a 0-3 record to start the season. 

Phoua Khang: Junior---Third year playing Badminton---Also plays Volleyball---earned three letters (Two in Badminton and one in Volleyball)---Phoua says EVERYTHING attracts her to badminton. She says, “I have a huge passion for badminton! Everyone does not even consider it a sport!!! That really irritates me, but most people do not know and understand how hard it actually is!!”

With the 0-3 start, the Polar badminton players could have just given up.  However, they started to play better.  On April 8, the Polars earned their first victory, defeating Roosevelt

Xue Vang: Junior---First year playing Badminton---Xue is attracted to badminton because it is fun.

Washburn was the opponent on April 10.  North won on the final match 4-3, increasing their record to 2-3.

North visited Edison and the

See Lee: Junior--- First year playing Badminton---Also plays soccer---Named “Most Improved Player in soccer (2007-2008)---See likes playing badminton because it is fun and many of her friends are playing badminton.
Tommies remembered the close match from the first week of the season.  They soundly defeated the Polars 6-1.  The Tommies would eventually end up as conference co-champions.

The Polars then traveled

Pa Kou Pha: Junior---First year playing Badminton---Also plays Soccer---Pa Kou plays badminton in order to have fun.
to Henry for their second match.  Problems began before the players even left the school.  The bus did not show up for the match.  When the North Athletic Director called Henry to inform them the Polars would
Nicolette Bartulski: Junior---First year playing Badminton---Nicolette says badminton is interesting and her teammates are hard workers. Badminton is harder than it looks.
be late, the Henry A.D. said the building would be locked and we should call when we arrive.  The team eventually made it to Henry but the results of the match were the same as the first time with Henry winning 5-2. 
Mao Yang: Junior---First year playing Badminton---Also plays Soccer---Named “Most Improved Player in soccer (2006-2007).
North now had a 2-5 record.

The Polars then played Southwest for the first time.  The Polars returned to the winning column defeating the Lakers 5-2.

Eventual conference co-champions

Mai Nhia Yang: Junior---First year playing Badminton---Mai Nhia says badminton gives you a great workout as well as pain. It is fun and exciting. Badminton looks simple but it is frustrating as well as complicated but it is worth it for the fun.
South was the Polars next opponent.  The Polars were againt trounced 6-1 and their record fell to 3-6.

The Polars would not give up however. Roosevelt was the next foe. 

Leslie Vang: Junior--- First year playing Badminton---Also plays Soccer---Leslie says, “Badminton is extremely fun. I enjoy playing it. Badminton helps you hand and eye coordination and it is super fun.”
The Polars took revenge on the Teddies winning 5-2.

North continued winning in the make up game with Southwest. The Polars again won with a close 4-3 score raising their record to 5-6.


Kang La Khang: Junior--- First year playing Badminton---Also plays Volleyball---Kang La is attracted to badminton because of her friends, the workouts and her coach, Ms. Anderson. She also says badminton is harder than it looks.
final conference match, against Washburn, determined if the Polars would have a losing season or not.  The Polars took care of business and easily defeated the Millers 6-1 to finish with a 6-6 conference record and a
Jamie Lee: Junior---Second year playing Badminton---Earned one letter (Badminton)---Jamie is attracted to badminton because you need patience, strength and determination to play and it is fun!
4th place conference finish.

The final match of the year was in the first round of the State Tournament.  The Polars were matched against St. Paul Highland Park.  The Highland

Amanda Seline: Junior---Second year playing Badminton---Also plays Soccer---Earned two letters (one each in Badminton and Soccer), Named “Most Valuable Player” in badminton (2006-2007)---Amanda says badminton is fun and she enjoys playing for North. She says badminton is easy for some but hard for others, but you still have fun.
Park team handed the Polars their worst loss of the season, 7-0.  A number of players also played in the individual and doubles tournaments but did not fare well.

The Junior

Pang Nhia Lee: Sophomore---First year playing Badminton---Also plays Soccer---Pang Nhia says she plays badminton because of her friends and her teacher. She also says she is not good at badminton.
Varsity team had their best season in many years, finishing 3rd in the conference with a 7-5 record. The team lost twice each to co-champions South and Henry and once to Edison, whom they defeated later in the season. 
Mee Khang: Sophomore--- First year playing Badminton---Also plays Volleyball---Mee says she is trying badminton because it is a new experience and it is fun.
The J.V. team won both games from Roosevelt, Southwest and Washburn.