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2008-2009 Softball Season
Front Row: Lu Vang, Keliah Mitchell, NaLee Vang, Melina Cauley. Middle Row: Tony Miller, Katelyn Chartraw, Shanteal Green, Saludah Muhammad, Tess Montgomery, Rasheed Spinks. Back Row: Head Coach Natalie Rasmussen, Assistant Coach Alyssa Kovola, Shaniece Pink, Daisha Strothers, Ciera Jones, Angela Fabel, Assistant Coach Lorna Haug-Lee
Ciera Jones: Junior—Wears #5--Second year playing softball—Also plays volleyball—Earned one letter (softball). Ciera likes softball because it teaches her leadership skills, communication skills, and how to be a hard-worker. Ciera also says it is very difficult. You need to know more than just catching and throwing.
Shaneice Pink: Senior--Second year playing softball--Wears #14--Earned one letter (softball).
Tess Montgomery:Sophomore--First year playing softball--Also plays soccer and ran track--Earned three letters (one in track and two in soccer). Tess says that catching and hitting is complicated and the balls are definitely not soft!
Angela Fabel: Senior—Fourth year playing softball—Also played basketball and tennis—Named Captain of softball team for 2008-2009 season—Earned five letters (Three is softball and two in tennis)--Recipient of “Hustle Award” in Softball—Angela likes the dynamics of softball; that every play is different. Angela also says you have to pay attention. It’s fun and very challenging at the same time because you always have to give 100% in the game.
Kate Chartraw: Sophomore—First year playing softball—Kate played baseball from the ages of 7-11 and when she could no longer play baseball, she switched to softball.
Shanteal Green: Freshman—First year playing softball—Also plays volleyball—Shanteal says she was interested in playing softball because it seemed fun and her brother, Donte, who plays baseball, influenced her as well. Shanteal says most people think softball is not fun, but once you try it, it is VERY fun.
Melina Cauley: Freshman—First year playing softball—Melina likes the intensity of the game and says it is just as hard as any other sport.
Lu Vang: Freshman—First year playing softball—Lu joined the softball team because she likes the teamwork it takes, the importance of communication, and the sport is played in her family. Lu says it is not as rough as you think it would be and it is full of excitement!
Saludah Muhammad: Freshman—First year playing softball—Also plays volleyball—Saudah likes softball because she has a great team and the sport is a part of her family tradition.
NaLee Vang: Freshman—Firsy year playing softball—NaLee likes playing softball and the teamwork it takes.
Keliah Mitchell: Keliah Mitchell: 8th grader—First year playing softball for North—Also plays basketball and tennis—Keliah likes the thrill of hitting the ball when she is at bat and says softball is a very fun sport.
Assistant Coach Alyssa Kovala: First year coaching at North.
Assistant Coach Lorna Haug-Lee: Second year coaching at North.
Head Coach Natalie Rasmussen: Fifth year coaching the Polar Softball team--Career softball coaching record is 3-60-1. She is tied for the longest tenured softball coach in the history of North High School. Mrs. Rasmussen is also the B-Squad volleyball coach. Mrs. Rasmussen and her staff stress fundamentals. She is willing to take students who have never played before. Many of her players have never played softball before coming to North.