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Cheerleading can be classified as both a Fall and Winter sport.  Students cheer at Football and basketball games throughout the school year.  They also rev up the student body at pep fests and welcome new students to North during Freshman Orientation.


Cheerleading is considered by many a “girls activity,” however it has not always been so.  The first cheerleader mentioned in the Polaris yearbook was Earl Eisman (Class of 1924) who cheered during the 1921-1922 and 1922-1923 school years.  Three men formed the cheer squad in the 1923-1924 school year. The first mention of a female on the cheer squad came in the 1941-1942 Polaris.  Males continued to appear as cheerleaders into the 1950.  However, more and more female cheerleaders began appearing.  By the 1950-1951 yearbook, the cheerleaders were all female.  Males were infrequently members of the cheer squad, and generally appeared only as the Polar mascot.  Aaron Thomas Green (Class of 2001) was the last male who did not wear the mascot outfit to cheer. He cheered for all four years of his high school career, 1997-1998 through 2000-2001.


Today, many people believe cheerleading is an outdated activity.  They say it is outdated because it was the only activity females could really participate.  But, since the passage of Title IX in the 1970’s, female sports have been available and many females participate in them.  Because of this, there is a movement to abolish cheerleading in many parts of the country.  Someday, Cheerleading may become a “sport no longer offered at North.”


Head Coaches have included (Jacelyn Johnson (2008), LeAndra Williams (2008), Chanda Abdul Quddoos (2007-2008), Ashtaney Persaud (2003-2004 through 2006-2007), Deborah Pye (1999-2000 through 2002-2003), Chanda Abdul Quddoos (1994-1995 through 1998-1999), Lyrae Myxter (1993-1994), Beverly Cottman (1989-1990 throough 1992-1993), Linda Laine (1988-1989), Susan Breedlove (1982-1983 through 1987-1988), Teri Sanford (1981-1982), Wanda Bridges (1980-1981), Kathy Suzuki (1977-1978), Sherry Durso (1973-1974 through 1975-1976) Kathryn Tromly (1970-1971), Jean Gustafson (1965-1966 through 1968-1969), Maroa Tracy (1959-1960 to 1961-1962), Esther Bank (1949-1950), Griffith O’Dell (1947-1948) and Esther Haveson (1944-1945 to 1946-1947).  No records have been found as to who coached during the years that are not listed.