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Golf at North High School

Golf had a number of distinct beginnings at North and in the state of Minnesota.  Prior to the 1976-1977 school year, golf was only offered by the MSHSL as a sport for males.  For females, they could only participate in the Girls’ Athletic Association, an intramural opportunity offered for the ladies at North. 


For the gentlemen, golf began as an individual activity.  There was no team competition in the MSHSL until 1942-1943 school year.  Individual schools and conferences could play team competitions.  The Minneapolis Conference, including North, began team play with the 1923-1924 school year.  As a team, North won their first conference title in the 1925-1926 school year.  In the 1930’s North won four conference titles in five years, 1930-1931, 1931-1932, 1932-1933 and 1934-1935.  During the 1934-1935 season, Merle Getten (Class of 1935), became the only individual from North to win an Individual State Title in golf.  The North Men won two more titles in 1948-1949 and 1963-1964. Since then, the men have not been successful, including struggling to even field at times in the 1990’s and 2000’s.


For the ladies, golf was part of the GAA beginning in 1935-1936 school year.  There were some years that golf was not offered by the GAA.  Beginning in 1976-1977 school year, golf entered as a MSHSL sponsored event.  It began with both team and individual champions.  North has never had an individual or team participant in the State tournament.  North has never won a conference title in golf either.


Prior to 1979-1980 school year, there was one head coach for each gender.  Beginning in 1979-1980, the person who coached the ladies, also coached the gentlemen.  The combined coached have included: Pamela Lindberg (2007-present); John Heegard (2004-2007); Steve Lasley (2002-2004), Tony Adams (1999-2002), Robin Ingram (1983-1999); Greg Kapitan (1982-1983); Larry Alm (1979-1982).


Ladies only coaches have included: Kathryn Tromly (1976-1977), Jean Gustafson (1963-1969),  Rebecca Strandlund (1959-1961), Esther Bank (1949-1950), Esther Haveson (1935-1940).  Some of the years, especially during the GAA days, the records have not been kept as to who coached.  Other years during the GAA, Golf was not offered for the ladies.


Gentlemen’s only coaches have included:  Pat Cronin (1969-1970), Bruce Johnson (1967-1969), Donald Sovell (1966-1967), Ronald Leivense (1965-1966), Edward Soltys (1957-1965), Wilbur Palm (1949-1957), Griffith O’Dell (1947-1949), Carl Larson (1940-1947),  Arthur Lindman (1939-1940), and Horace Street (1923-1937).