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Spring Sports
Spring is a time of rebirth.  A time when Minnesotans can move back outside where trees are in bloom and the grass turns green.  Sports at North are similar to Spring.  Except for two sports, we move outside to the fresh air and environment.

The first sport to begin is badminton.  Badminton is an indoor sport where the opponents score points when the shuttlecock or "birdie" hits the ground.  The teams play four singles matches and three doubles matches.

Fast pitch softball usually begins one week after badminton.  Softball is played like baseball with a few exceptions.  First, the ball is bigger.  Second, it is pitched underhand.  Third, there is no leading off base. 

Track also begins the same time as softball.  Track, for both males and females, consists of a number of running and field events.  The running events include sprints, distance running and relay races.  Field events include shot and discus, high and long jump and pole vault.

Adapted bowling, the newest sport at North, is offered for students qualified to participate in Adapted athletics.  Students can participate as individuals, pairs or teams of four.

Golf, also for males and females, allows students to learn a life-long sport and enjoy competition at the same time.

Baseball is the American Past time.  Created sometime in the 1850's, (Currently the date and who invented it is in dispute) it has become the American Game. 

The final sport is Men's Tennis. (Women's Tennis is a Fall sport.)  Like badminton, tennis is played with four singles matches and three doubles matches.  The team that wins the most individual events wins the team competition.