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Winter Sports

Winter sports have the longest seasons of any of the activities.  The sports generally begin in November and end in late February or March.  These sports give students an opportunity to be active during the coldest and harshest months of the year.

Basketball, invented by Dr. James Naismith in Massachusetts, develops speed, quickness, and teamwork.  Dr. Naismith would not recognize the game he invented.  In the early days, players could not dribble the ball.  There were jump balls after each basket.  Players had to stay on one side of the time line, thus developing either offensive or defensive specialists.

Wrestling, one of the earliest sports on record, develops strength and stamina.  This is NOT the wrestling we watch on television, labeled as "professional wrestling" or "wrestling entertainment."

Hockey, developed in Canada, uses great hand-eye coordination as well as skating skills.

Gymnastics (females only) uses a combination of finesse, agility and power to be successful.

Swimming, (males only) develops the aquatic skills of the swimmers.  The students can compete individually or as members of relay teams.

Cheerleading promotes school spirit and adds support to the various teams throughout the Fall and Winter season.