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Women's Track

Women’s Track began at North as part of the Girls Athletic Association (GAA).  The GAA allowed females to participate in intramural athletics since they were not allowed to participate in inter-school competition.  This lasted until the passage of Title IX in the early 1970’s.  At that time, schools began offering chanced for female students to compete as the males students did.  The first state track meet for women was held in the 1971-1972 school year.  North has never won a Women’s state track championship.  The scare records do not have any Lady Polar participating in the tournament.  These records are incomplete and North could have had participant and individual champions. 


Head coaches have included: Tommie Casey (2003-2004 to present), Nicole Kellerman (2002-2003), Bryan Bass (2000-2001 to 2001-2002), Sam Ebute (1998-1999 to 1999-2000), Barbara Schuler Everhart (1996-1997 to 1997-1998), Richard Chakolis Sr. (1995-1996), Gregory McMoore (1989-1990 to 1992-1993), Tony Queen (1981-1982 to 1987-1988), Roger Mahn (1979-1980 to 1980-1981) and Kathy Sworsky (1975-1976). No records have been found as to who coached during the years that are not listed.