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ACT Day is Approaching!
Friday, February 2, 2018 12:25 PM

the letters "ACT"

February 27, 2017 is ACT Day at North High. The ACT is a college entrance exam that is highly recommended for all students. 11th grade students will take the real ACT, while students in grades 9-10 will take a full practice mock ACT. 12th grade students will either participate in the Accuplacer exam through MCTC, or in a community service project. As this day nears, we will explain more details about the expectations for ACT Day, but in general, it is a school wide day of testing beginning promptly at 8:15 am. No electronic devices are allowed, and latecomers will not be allowed into the testing rooms. Help prepare your student for the ACT by encouraging them to review the practice materials taught in their advisory class in December and January, getting enough rest, and eating a healthy breakfast, especially on Feb 27. We want our Polars to shine!