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Check and Connect Program
Ms. Carrie at her aluma mater, Beloit College

             School engagement is the key to school success!

                                                      School Contact
                                                       Carrie Hatcher
                                                Phone: 612-668-1712
                                                          Room 666

Hi! My name is Ms. Carrie. I have worked for Check & Connect in MPS for over two years, previously at Hmong International Academy. I am excited to be here at North High School!  Although this year I am only working part time, I will try to be as flexible as possible to support students, staff, and families. Please note my working hours and feel free to contact me via email:


Mondays 8:30 – 1:30

Tuesday 7:30 – 12:30

Wednesday 11 – 4

Thursdays (out of building)

Friday 11 – 3


Check & Connect is a program developed to re-engage students in their education.
Through long-term sustained support, Check & Connect seeks to build a relationship with each student that will serve to connect them with their school and aid in their progress towards graduation.
Weekly conversations, tutoring and homework help form the basis for a trusted bond between the student and the Check & Connect monitor. This enables the monitor to individually and definitively determine the interventions best suited to the students’ needs. The monitor then works on behalf of the student as a mentor, tutor, problem-solver, listener and case advocate.


• Preventative-focuses on high school drop-out risk factors that can be altered through intervention.
• Builds capacity-instructs and encourages students in the acquisition of new skills.
• Efficient-coordinates student access to established resources within the school, at home and in the community.
• Outreach-structured to create long-term and trusted relationships
• Individualized-uniquely focuses on the individual needs of students.
• Adaptable-designed to incorporate the goals and strengths of the school and the local community.


• Building a relationship with each student.
• Implementing interventions to keep students involved in their education.
• Monitoring grades, credits and attendance regularly.
• Offering academic support including tutoring after school.
• Facilitating collaboration between the school, home and community services to ensure educational success.