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How do I get Career & College Ready?
Tuesday, September 26, 2017 10:35 AM

a door sign that reads achieve mpls career and college center

The North High Career and College Center (CCC) is helping North High students prepare for career and college success.  Opportunities made available at North High include:

  • Three school wide career exposure days
  • College visits to campus, in house colleg rep visits and a spring in house college fair
  • ACT prep, assistance with registration and fee waivers
  • Working with every senior to complete at least 2 college applications
  • Guidance for scholarship applications and financial aid
  • Advisory lessons on habits of success, college knowledge, healthy relationships, multicultural awearenss, Aids awareness, Financial Fitness, Ethnic Identity development, & Mental health
  • Much much more! 

Visit the CCC web page to learn more!