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Nafeesah Muhammad, 11th Grade English
21st Century Scholars
11th Grade English is currently taking place online in a digital cloud. All of the students' classwork and/or homework is online.

Welcome Polar Scholars and Polar Parent(s)/Gaurdians

My name is Nafeesah Muhammad and I currently teach 11th grade English. I have taught at North Academy of Arts and Communication since the fall of 2014.  It is through my educational, professional, and life experiences that I gained a great concern for human welfare, values and dignity; always educating with the whole person in mind.  I believe every experience is an educational opportunity to cultivate cognitive, social, and emotional skills. My approach to learning eliminates feelings of stress, micro-aggression and alienation among diverse learners.  I try my best to created a safe, stress free, student-centered learning community to ensure maximum attention to and understanding of the content I teach. I take a multicultural approach to bring relevancy to literary texts, discussions, debates, writing assignments and theatrical activities. 

Building 21st Century Skills is my foundational approach to teaching. I believe these skills are necessary to close the opportunity gap in most of our minority and lower SES communities. Creating a classroom in the cloud has allowed me to reach more students with varying intellectual and cognitive abilities, while simultaneously helping to increase digital literacy. The "Blended Classroom"  also provides each students with ample opportunities to obtain skills in reading, writing, investigating, questioning, discussing and reflecting inside and outside of the classroom.

Course Description

English 11 Pre-AP is

exactly that. This course  is designed to provide students with numerous opportunities to acquire and/or practice the skills needed to be successful in a future  Advance Placement English course. The ultimate objective is to get all students college ready as they approach their senior year.  This course will offer students a variety of ways in which they can improve their reading, writing, spelling, punctuation, speaking, and listening skills. The course also offers vocabulary-building through reading and a variety of exercises. Finally, the course provides students opportunities to collaborate on projects and activities so that they can improve their social skills, respecting all individuals and their differences.

Throughout the course we will be reading texts from a variety of American authors that explore the American experience from varied time periods, like the Harlem Renaissance and Civil Rights Movement. It is in these time periods that students think critically about the themes that frame the American experience.

Course Topics

Course topics covered this year include, but are not limited to, the following topics:

  • History, Culture, and the Author
  • Elizabethan England and William Shakespeare
  • Argumentative Writing
  • Research Writing
  • Story Writing
  • Vocabulary
  • Setting, Mood, and Imagery
  • Theme and Symbol
  • Poetry