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North High Family Engagement Plan 2022-2023

We value parents/guardian - your suggestions, your thoughts, your input, your presence in the building and your committment to your child's success. However, stating such is not enough. This value must be evident in our actions as a school.

Toward that end, each year, as required by the school district and state of Minnesota, we formualte a plan that outlines in detail what we will do to demonstrate how important you are to us in the education of your children. This plan is formulated with the help of administration, the family liaisons, and parents themselves.

We invite you to click on the document below to take a look at the Family Engagement Plan or FEP (formerly Family Involvement Plan - FIP) for this year. 

 If you have any questions about it or wonder how you can have a part in the planning for next year, please contact Family Liaisons, Lisa Grigsby or Spring Moody at 612-668-1726.