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Polars in the Fringe!
Friday, May 17, 2019 2:30 PM

3 students dancing in front of a blue background

Dear Community Member/Business Owner,


North has always had a vibrant arts program. Now in its 4th year of full arts programming, North Academy of Arts and Communications has the chance of a lifetime to take center stage at the world renown Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2020. Under the direction of Dance Teacher and Arts Integration Specialist, Tamiko French, fine arts students will share their lives and stories with the world abroad. The interdisciplinary performance will feature all departments of the Academy of Arts. As you may know, some years ago we as a school were in a decline and had to fight our way through the changes of its surrounding environment. Our resilience has given us so many cherished partnerships, performance opportunities and community visibility which the American High School Theater Festival has recognized through this once in a lifetime invitation to participate. This is not just about North High School, this is about our whole community standing in support to share our voices abroad.


Our success is made possible through the generous donations and funding of groups like yours. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is the largest performing arts festival in the world. The opportunity to expose our young artists to an experience like this will broaden their understanding of the world. It will provide an unmatched educational opportunity to learn not only about performing arts, but the fullness of the performing arts as well. Including the opportunity to earn 1 full arts college credit! In addition, students are challenged to expand in their own talents and knowledge through hands on learning in acting, technical modalities and educational workshops. Finally they will experience the culture of the world. We believe in the power of the arts and their ability to shape well rounded and community invested young people and citizens. Support from local and regional leadership, positive encouragement from our community and the support of investments like yours will make this experience possible for our students.


Taking a production to the United Kingdom is a large and costly undertaking. To secure our place in this festival, our immediate goal is $3,000. This will be applied to our total goal of $63,000 for a crew of 10 (more are welcome). The approximate cost for each participant is approximately $6,300.00 Our goal is to see that each of our awarded students has the opportunity to experience this amazing event. It will take the support of donors like you. Where does all the money go you might ask?


We hope that we are able to count on your support. No gift is too great or too small. If not financially, by passing on the word, coming to support our concerts and community fundraisers. For any questions or concerns, please call 612-668-1700 and ask for Tamiko French. You may email We look forward to hearing from or seeing you soon.




Tamiko French,

Dance Teacher

Arts Integration Specialist

North Academy of Arts and Communications

Edinburgh Fringe Festival Director 2020