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Post Secondary Enrollment Options

Minnesota’s Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) allows Minneapolis students to earn college credits while still enrolled in high school. PSEO students attend college classes, do not pay tuition, and earn both high school and college credits. These credits may transfer to students' Post-Secondary colleges.

Through PSEO, eligible 10th, 11th and 12th graders may apply to enroll in courses at numerous colleges and universities across the state.

Although most courses are offered on campus, some colleges and universities offer online options. Transportation assistance may be available for students depending upon family circumstances. Each college and university establishes its own policies regarding PSEO, so students and families should research the various requirements.  

All Students interested in PSEO should follow the process below. 
The first step is to meet with your counselor well before your expected enrollment.

  1. Students discuss PSEO plans with your high school counselor.
  2. The school counselor will need to sign the planning sheet and state form for PSEO.
  3. Students then apply directly to the individual school.
  4. Students should remember that they must meet high school graduation requirements.
  5. Among courses taken at Post-Secondary Education include the equivalent of:
    • two years of English
    • two years of Social Studies
    • one year of Math
    • one year of Science
    • one year of Physical Education (if not taken in 9th and 10th)
    • one year of Health (if not taken in 9th and 10th)
    • one year of Art (if not taken in 9th and 10th)
    • enough electives to meet the 64.5 credits for graduation

The programs or courses will be regular Post-Secondary offerings and students will be expected to successfully complete the same work as their Post-Secondary "peers." Courses completed under PSEO become part of the student’s permanent record and are used in determining grade point average and class rank.