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Safety Tips for Heating Season
Monday, November 23, 2020 12:45 PM

Green circle that says be safe in the middle

Each winter season in MN, unintenional CO poisonings result in emergency department visits, hospitalizations, and even deaths.  Please consider these safety tips from your North High school nurse, Stefanie Holman and teacher, Ken Nelson. 

  • If you hear a loud, high-pitched chirp in your home (, at least one of your smoke or carbon monoxide detectors' battery backup needs to be replaced
    • Even if the detector is tied into your home's main power, that power can easily go out before you detect smoke or fire, especially at night
    • Carbon monoxide can be produced by overworked or damaged furnaces and slowly displaces oxygen from the ground upward. It is completely odorless and invisible, and without a working detector, a household can asphyxiate without ever knowing there was a problem
  • By law, it is the responsibility of landlords in Minnesota to install and upkeep smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and this includes battery replacements - contact them to replace these if you can
  • If you need batteries, send an email or text to our school nurse with your contact information and number of needed batteries: 
  • If you need a smoke detector, we can also provide them while supplies last
  • To better limit contact and control the risk of COVID spread, we will arrange a drop-off of batteries and detectors to you.