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Unemployment Benefits for High School Students
Thursday, December 17, 2020 1:40 PM

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Unemployment Benefits Now Available
for High School Students! 

During this COVID crisis, High School students who lost their job due to COVID have been ineligible to receive the unemployment benefits that they deserve. A team of people sued the state AND WON! High School students who lost wages after January 27th, 2020 are now eligible to retroactively receive unemployment benefits.

For generations, high school students have played a key role as employees supporting the local economy, their families, and themselves. We also know many young people, especially BIPOC, queer and trans young people, are often kept from accessing valuable resources. We want to make sure the word gets out to as many eligible people as we can. Please send this information to anyone in your network who may benefit. 

The deadline to apply is Dec. 26th. Whether you're a student or adult, please check out the link from YouthPrise below to learn how to apply.

Learn How to Apply