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Thursday, February 11, 2021 2:55 PM

woman in black with words on her body and teal background

Junior Azari Jackson is representing North High in an Art Contest.  Check out her beautiful piece and description and then cast your vote here.   


  • A Queens struggles beneath her crown
  • This artwork was inspired by women who have faced abuse,rape and harassment. For the background I choose to use the color that represents sexual assault. In this art work you can see that there´s a contrast in the colors of her body which represents the abuse from being beaten. The crown symbolizes the strength that women have by them continuing to push through with their life knowing that there was something taken from them that they could not stop. The words written on her body are all of the things women think of and have to deal with after facing these encounters. I choose to use Rihanna because I know shes been through abuse in her past relationship. I decided to place Rihanna´s body in this stance position because she feels like she has to protect her body or is ashamed of how people might view her because she was raped , abused and harassed. The boxing gloves shows that women are fighters and will always fight even if they lose the battle. Women should not be scared to wear clothing that reveals there skin all because of how men objectify the women´s body. There´s a quote that stick out to me because there´s a lot of women who stop being themselves because of somebody else´s wrong doing. The quote says¨ Never be Bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim¨.by Harvey Fierstein
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